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Statement of Faith

Today I expanded the drop-down menu for this blog, adding links to the four Bible lesson video blogs on this multisite.

And I added a link to my Statement of Faith.

Remembering Henry

Which one of your sins is too big for the Blood of Christ Jesus to wash it away?

— Henry H. Martin

First Camellia

The first camellia of the season opened today.

A  happy thing.

Trust and Obey…

Walking with Jesus.
We think of it as the big things, the spiritual things, the religious things.

It’s the the little things, the mundane things, one small obedience that seems at the time trivial.

Knowing, somehow, that it was time Wednesday to undertake a long delayed task.
Having clear direction yesterday evening that it was time, at that moment, to finish the task.
Knowing (and it has taken years for Jesus to teach me this) that it was my Father’s will.
Right now.
This minute.

Of course, as these things usually do, it got tangled up, it went wrong, it was frustrating…

And then an hour on the phone with a customer service representative halfway around the world, ministering Jesus to someone in need of encouragement.

It’s the little things.

…no turning back, … …no turning back.

Putting up another video post.


…and suddenly, weeping.

Jesus, hold me in your arms.

It has been harder than I ever imagined.

I am still here.

With You.

Happy Thursday

The sun is out and the new websites are all behaving as they should.

Time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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